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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Apartments As An Investment

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Buying and renting out apartments is one way to make money with real estate. However, you have to go about it in the right way. If you are about to buy your first apartments, there are a few common mistakes you want to avoid.

Mistake: Failing to ensure a positive cash flow.

When you own an apartment, your expenses each month will include a mortgage payment, real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, maintenance fees, and utility costs. Your income will be the rent payment. As such, you don't want to be in a situation in which the amount of money that you bring in for rent does not cover all of your costs. So, before you buy particular apartments, calculate what your monthly expenses will add up to. Then, research the real estate market and determine how much you can reasonably expect to earn in rent for each apartment unit.

If your rent earnings do not significantly exceed your monthly expenses, then this is not the right apartment for you to buy — unless you can buy one apartment for a lot less than the listing price.

Mistake: Buying more apartment units than you're ready to manage.

Being a landlord is more difficult and time-consuming than most people expect. For this reason, most people do best when they ease their way into it. Renting out just one or two apartment units is a great way to start. After a year or two, you can buy a few more if you want. You may not want to buy a place with four, six, or more units first. Instead, consider starting with just one or two. Unless you plan on quitting your job to manage properties full-time, having several properties is probably taking on too much.

Mistake: Buying apartments too far from your home.

You're going to spend a lot more time at your apartments than you might expect. First, you'll have to show the apartment to various applicants. You may also have to go out to the property to fix a toilet, let the HVAC technician in, and settle renters' disputes. If the apartment is an hour from your house, you're going to be spending a lot of time on the road. So, especially with your first apartment purchase, try to find a place that's only a few minutes from your own residence.

If you avoid these three mistakes, you'll have better luck responsibly buying apartments to rent out. For more information, contact a company like River Park of Cocoa.