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What To Look For When Buying A Home To Use As A Student Rental

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What should you look for in a home that you intend to rent out? That really depends on who you are planning on renting to. Families, for instance, will look for different things in a rental home than will students. If your plan is to rent to students, here are some features and qualities to look for in a student rental house.

Many bedrooms

Students typically have a pretty low budget for rent. One way they tend to keep costs down is by splitting a home with a few friends. It's not uncommon for students to live in groups of four, five, or even six. Because of this, when you're looking for a student rental, you really want to show preference to homes with a lot of bedrooms. You can then charge less per bedroom and attract more students while also making a bit more yourself.

Cleanable surfaces

Although not all college students are messy, many are. They're just very busy and have priorities in life other than keeping the floor clean. As such, you really want a rental with floors that are easy to clean. Avoid homes with carpet unless it can easily be ripped up and replaced with vinyl or linoleum. Hardwood is also best avoided.

Multiple bathrooms

Often, multiple students will be getting up and getting ready for class at the same time. And the more bathrooms they have in the home, the more smoothly this process will go. Look for a house that has at least one bathroom for every two bedrooms so none of your renters are left sharing a bathroom with more than one housemate.

Large cabinets

Some groups of student renters may share groceries, but it's more common for each student to keep their own stash of food. They will probably each want their own cupboard so they can keep their things divided. Look for a kitchen with a lot of cupboard space — and one that can fit a large fridge, too!

Wide doorways

There are going to be a lot of students moving things in and out of the apartment every single year. This is a lot easier in a home with wide doorways. You won't have students complaining that their bed didn't fit through the door, and your doorways won't get as dinged up, either.

If you keep your eyes peeled for the qualities above, you'll have an easier time finding a home that's truly suited for use as a student rental.