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Five Features Your Spa-Quality Bathroom Should Have

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Luxury homes aren't just larger than most—they have features and amenities not found in standard constructions. For instance, in many average homes, bathrooms are designed and built for functionality and little else. In a luxury home, however, bathrooms can reach spa-quality in both design and amenities. The following are five features your spa-quality bathroom should have:

A Seating Alcove

A comfortable, attractive seating alcove increases the functionality of any bathroom. It provides a place to sit after a relaxing soak in a deep tub or to spend an hour with a book in a secluded part of the household. Some homeowners choose to have small entertainment systems installed in their bathrooms so they can enjoy a favorite program or catch up on the news, while others prefer to cultivate a screen-free space. 

A View

Luxury homes also have the added benefit of providing magnificent views because of their strategic locations, and the view from your bathroom should be no different. Nature views are popular, which is why many luxury homes are located near the ocean or on lakes where residents can enjoy views of the water. If you need to be in an area with easy access to urban amenities, look for views of dramatic cityscapes and skylines. One-way glass can be used on bathroom windows to ensure maximum privacy.  

A Beverage Bar

Imagine being able to have a steaming cup of coffee or tea at your fingertips the moment you step out of your morning shower or a glass of wine to savor while enjoying a hot soak at the end of a long day. Installing a beverage bar in your bathroom ensures that you never have to throw on a robe and run to the kitchen when the mood or occasion calls for a beverage. 

A Towel Warmer

Whether you've just emerged from an exhilarating morning shower or a relaxing evening bubble bath, few things feel better when drying off with a warm towel against your skin. A built-in towel warmer will mean that you'll never have to dry off with a cold towel again. 

A Layered Lighting System

Standard bathrooms typically have one overhead light fixture in the center of the ceiling designed to distribute bright light throughout the room and perhaps a couple of lights over the mirror to help with makeup application. Luxury bathrooms have layered lighting designed to accommodate a variety of moods and purposes from dimly lit late-night soaks to early morning getting-ready-for-work sessions. If you want to bring lots of natural light to the picture, make sure the bathroom has at least one skylight.