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Financial Tips To Help You Prepare For Buying A Home

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The process to set and achieve goals in life is an important aspect which motivates you to work on specific tasks and gives you a drive to improve your life. The goal to buy a house is a financially driven one, requiring you to set and achieve smaller financial goals and also understand the expenses related to the process. Here are some tips to help you prepare financially to pursue your home-buying goal.

Consider Your Loan Costs

To buy a home, it's common for you to apply for and get approved for a mortgage loan. This requires costs associated with borrowing the money. In addition to the loan origination fee, the underwriter's fee, and any points you pay at closing to reduce the interest rate, you need to calculate the cost of the mortgage over the time you make payments. A traditional mortgage comes in a length of 30 years, but you can also opt for a 20 year mortgage or a 40 year mortgage. 

The amortization of the loan will stretch out the interest of the loan based on your remaining balance, so at the beginning of the mortgage, most of your payment will go toward interest. But as the loan ages, more of your payment will go toward the principle of the mortgage. 

Also included in your mortgage payment may also be a mortgage insurance premium. This extra cost will raise your mortgage payment by an amount based on your loan balance, and is usually required on a loan that you are not putting a 20 percent down payment. Talk to your mortgage broker to get a break down of all your mortgage costs so you can plan out your home-buying budget.

Save Up For Upfront Costs

Another cost you need to be aware of is the payment you might look at making as a down payment toward your mortgage. Any amount you put toward your home's purchase will reduce the amount you need to borrow from a lender, which will reduce the overall costs you pay over the life of the mortgage. 

You may also consider planning for an earnest money payment. Earnest money is traditionally paid along with a written offer to purchase a home and is deposited into an escrow account. This money is to show the seller you are serious, and is usually forfeited to the seller if you break your contract to purchase the home.

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