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4 Qualities To Look For When Selecting A Listing Agent

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As winter begins to wind down, many homeowners are looking ahead to spring. For some, the warmer weather will mean tackling outdoor projects. But for others, winter offers time to think about and prepare for listing their home for sale. 

In addition to cleaning, organizing, and packing in preparation for their upcoming home sale and relocation, homeowners may also want to spend a few of those long, cold winter evenings searching for the best possible real estate agent to help them market their home.

Homeowners who plan to put their home on the market when spring arrives may be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of licensed real estate agents in their area. If you are wondering what qualities to look for when selecting an agent, here are some tips to help you narrow your search. 

Successful sales history

The first criteria should always be looking for evidence that any agent you are considering will be able to sell your home successfully. Because of this, it is important that homeowners select someone who has successfully listed and sold several homes over the past year.

A good way to do this is to ask agents under consideration to provide a list of their recent sales with the date of listings and sales, MLS numbers, prices, and addresses. This will allow the homeowner to easily research and confirm the number of completed sales and see the price range and details about each home the agent may have listed or sold. 

Dedication to the real estate profession

Another good indication that a real estate agent will take the sale of your home seriously is to choose one who is a full-time agent. While part-time real estate agents may be very well-qualified, they may be unable to return their client's calls as quickly or spend enough time marketing their listings and responding to buyer inquiries.

Aggressive marketing plan

The best real estate agents will have developed an aggressive plan for marketing the homes they list for sale. Homeowners should always spend several minutes of their interview process learning about the marketing plan each agent uses and the time frame in which they might expect to see results in the current real estate market conditions.

Responsive to client needs

Homeowners can also use their initial calls to get an idea of how responsive each agent is likely to be to their clients. Agents who respond in a professional manner and within a short time to requests from potential listing clients are more likely to continue to engage in excellent communication throughout the listing and sales process.

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