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3 Moving Tips For Military Families

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It's a standard part of life for a military family: you get orders for a new station and it's time to move again. No matter how many times you move as a military family, however, it can continue to feel overwhelming. Following a few simple tips can make the process as low-stress and efficient as possible. Here are three moving tips for military families:

Work With The Right Moving Company

In many cases, the military will pay for your household goods to be shipped to your next destination, but you will likely still need to arrange for the movers yourself. It's important to choose a moving company that is known for high quality and that also has experience working with military moves. Moving companies that frequently work with military families will be more familiar with the paperwork the military requires in order to document all of the items being shipped and in order to make sure the moving company services are paid for.

Since many military moves are across the country or even overseas, it is especially important to work with the right moving company. A less experienced or smaller company more accustomed to local moves may be overwhelmed by the nature of a military move.

Tell Your Kids and Offer Them Support

It's best to let your children know about the move as soon as possible so they have time to process the news and say goodbye to their friends. Be sure to keep your conversations with your kids positive when possible. Focus on how they can still keep in touch with and even visit their old friends, and how the move will be an exciting adventure in a new location. Ask them to help you research fun things you can do in your new home so they will begin to look forward to the move. 

Pack the Essentials Separately

Depending on where you're moving, it may be weeks or even longer before your household goods arrive. While in these cases the military base will likely supply you with temporary furnishings, you still need to pack the essentials separately to bring with you in your vehicle or ship directly to your new home. Be sure to carry important paperwork like your orders and your military ID with you. Bring toiletries, enough clothing, and any special items you just can't live without with you.

Moving every few years is often a way of life for military families, so it pays to become more efficient at it. By following these tips, you will be ensured a more streamlined and easy move. Call a military home relocation service to learn more today.