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Tips For Staging Your Home On A Budget

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Does your home need a little bit of help before you start showing to potential buyers, but you do not have a lot of money budgeted for staging? Here are some tips for staging your home when you are on a budget.

Neutralize Your Colors

Bright colors are one aspect of your home that can be quite distracting to buyers. If a color does not meet the buyer's personal taste, it may be off-putting and cause them to be distracted by other features of your home. That's why it is a good idea to swap out those bright colors for ones that are more neutral.

Bright window curtains are very easy to swap out with white curtains that are simple and sheer. The purpose of the curtains are not to provide privacy, just look nice in your home when people are touring it. You can also swap out the bright colored towels in your bathroom for simple white ones. White towels also give your bathroom a spa appearance at first glance, which is definitely how you want people to view a bathroom.

Put Out Fresh Fruit

It is always a good idea to clear your kitchen counters of all those kitchen gadgets that tend to take up a lot of space. However, you do not want your kitchen counters to look completely empty since it can look like you are hiding things. It is a good idea to stage your kitchen counters by putting out a bowl of fresh fruit. The fruit gives the appearance of the kitchen being clean and having appetizing food, while also adding a small pop of color against your countertops. It is also easy to work fresh fruit into your home staging budget since it also becomes part of your food budget for the week.

Add Accent Pieces

Take places in your home that are looking a bit empty and see if you can fill them out with some accent pieces. For example, if you have an empty wall above your couch, you can buy some very cheap prints and simple frames to fill up the space. The print will add a splash of color to the room and make it look more like a home to others. Tables should be clear of junk but should have an item that is small and decorative on it so that it doesn't look empty.

For more information contact a local home staging service.