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Normal Maintenance Tasks You Should Complete On Your Rental Properties

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If you own properties that you rent out, you will need to make sure you devote enough time and energy to completing all the normal maintenance tasks that your properties need. If you do not currently have a list of regular maintenance tasks, here is a list you could begin using to help keep your properties in good and safe condition.

Changing furnace filters in units

A lot of landlords put tenants in charge of handling regular types of maintenance tasks in their units; one example of this is changing the furnace filters in the unit. While you may require your tenants to do this on their own, you cannot always count on them to do it. Because of this, you may want to set up a schedule to check furnace filters in all your units every quarter. If you can keep up with this, the furnaces might last longer and experience fewer problems.

Replacing the batteries in smoke detectors

It is also a good idea to set up a schedule to replace the batteries in all the smoke detectors in the units you own. As you do this, you should make sure you replace the batteries in the detectors in the common areas of your properties too. Replacing these batteries is something you should aim to do every six months, and you should make sure you do not skip this step when it is due.

Flushing hot water heaters

You might not even think about flushing the hot water heaters in your units, but you should consider doing this at least once a year. Flushing a hot water heater will often extend its useful life, and it may help prevent issues from arising in the hot water heaters in your rental properties.

Monitoring water leaks and seals

One other routine maintenance step you should consider adding to your list involves the plumbing systems in the units. If you take the time to monitor water leaks and seals in all your units, you can prevent issues. This is something you should do at least once a year, if not more often. As you do this, simply look around every plumbing fixture in every unit for leaks. If you find leaks, fix them. You should also check the caulk around all fixtures to ensure that it is there and doing its job.

These are four good steps to take as part of the regular maintenance tasks you complete on your rental properties. If you do not have time to complete these tasks and need assistance keeping up with your units, hire a property management firm to help you. Talk to a company like Roberts Real Estate to learn more about property manager services.