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What Exactly Is A Multigenerational Home?

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As you look around at homes for sale, there is a chance you might come across the term "multigenerational home." If you have never heard of this type of house, you might want to learn more about what a multigenerational house is, as it might be a type of house that you would want to buy. Here are several things to know about multigenerational houses.

It is a house designed for several families

The main thing to know about a multigenerational house is that it is a house that is designed for several families to live in at the same time. These families are generally all related and part of the same family. When families want to live together, they will often look for a house like this. The family combinations are often three-generational, which include grandparents, their children, and their grandchildren. There are also times when there are sibling families that move in together, and there can be a lot of other combinations as well.

The features you will often find in a multigenerational house

When you shop for a multigenerational home, you will likely come across some of the following features:

  • Multiple master bedrooms – When you have multiple families living under one roof, you will have several sets of parents, and each set of parents will typically want a master bedroom suite. Because of this, a multigenerational home will usually have at least two master bedrooms, if not more.
  • Many bedrooms and bathrooms – Additionally, when you have several families living together, you will likely have many kids living there, and this means that you will need a lot of bedrooms to accommodate all the kids.
  • Several levels – It is also very common for multigenerational homes to have several levels, as these houses are generally on the bigger side.

These are some of the top features you will find in homes like this.

The benefits of buying a multigenerational house

Buying a multigenerational home can offer a lot of benefits, and one of the benefits is closeness with a family. Living together under one roof can keep a family close, as this allows them to eat meals together and see each other on a daily basis. Secondly, it is often cheaper for several families to live together instead of each family buying a separate home.

Multigenerational homes are becoming more popular today than in the past, and you might be able to find some for sale in your area. To learn more about these real estate properties or single-family homes for sale, talk to a local real estate agent.