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3 Staging Mistakes That Can Slow Down Your Home Sale

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When you want to sell your home fast, then you have to take steps to make sure to attract and impress potential buyers. Even though your home feels special to you, when it comes down to the basics, you are selling a product. When you're selling a product, that probably means you have to compete for both attention and money. There are certain things that can slow things down and make it harder to sell your home.

Neglecting your yards:

The first thing most buyers are going to see is your front yard and facade. Make sure that your yard is always kept up to perfect condition. Keep the grass and trees trimmed and weeded. Don't leave sprinklers, hoses or gardening equipment laying around. Paint or repair siding or bricks if needed. If you have a fence, patch up any holes and paint it if needed. Be sure not to neglect your back yard as well because it is also a selling point.

Old, torn or damaged furniture and carpets:

When you're trying to sell your home fast, your interior is just as important as the overall house. Even though the furniture is not part of the deal, you should always make sure it's in the very best condition. Try removing old or worn furniture if possible. Place a nice cover over furniture that you can't remove easily. Cover up scratches in tables and desks. Keep your carpets clean or place a nice-looking rug over any overly worn or stained carpet until you can get it cleaned or removed.


Like it or not, your pet can cause people to go elsewhere instead of making an offer for your home. Though you may have other pet owners looking for a place where they can keep their own pet, there may be others who have allergies, who don't like pet smells or may be concerned about hidden pet damage. If you can find another place for your pet to stay while your home is being sold, then that would be ideal. Otherwise, try to keep your pet, and all of his bowls, toys, litter boxes and food out of sight.

When you want to sell your home fast, it's important that you get as many people to be interested and stay interested in your home so that you can get an offer. If you need help staging your home for sale, hire a home staging company to help you. To learn more, speak with a business like Sell My House STL.