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Features To Consider In Your Home Security Camera

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Purchasing a security camera for your home is a worthwhile investment in your safety and protection of your personal property. When you are in the market for a security camera, there are several features that make certain cameras stand out from the rest.


Once footage is captured by your camera, it must be stored somewhere. Most cameras either store the footage locally, such as on an SD card, or the footage is automatically stored on the cloud. Although there are some benefits to local storage, such as it being less expensive than paying for cloud storage, it may be worth the investment to choose a security camera which automatically uploads footage to the cloud. If your home were to ever catch fire, the footage could be valuable for determining whether it was an accident or arson. When the footage is stored on the cloud, there is a good chance any video has already been submitted for storage and was not destroyed during the fire.


Audio is not a necessary component of your security camera, but it can add an extra layer of security. When security cameras have audio, it may help identify a suspect who may not be recognizable on film because their face is obstructed. Purchasing a camera with two-way audio is even better because it gives you the opportunity to verbally interact with someone in close proximity to the camera. If there is a stranger at your door, you may want the opportunity to ask who they are or tell them to leave without ever opening your door. Even better, if someone were to break into your home, you would likely scare them away by verbally telling them you know they are in your home and the police are on the way. If your camera has a mobile app, you could likely use the two-way audio without being on the property.

Viewing Angle And Quality

You want a wide-angle lens on your security camera. This will allow a single camera to cover more of your property or the inside of your residence. The larger the viewing angle, the fewer cameras you will need to cover a single area. Just as your viewing angle is important, so is picture and video quality. Not only do you want clear video, but you should choose a camera that is capable of maintaining clarity when it zooms in or if you were to enlarge video or pictures. If there were ever an intruder, the ability to zoom in and see small details about the suspect could mean the difference between catching them or the case going unsolved.

The features you choose when purchasing a security camera can give you peace of mind and help law enforcement if a crime is committed. Focus on gaining the best video and audio possible and preserving any footage. Contact a company like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc to learn more.