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Buying A New Farm And Planning To Have A Halloween Party? Tips To Make It A Great One

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If you are planning to buy a new farm, you may already be thinking about the fun Halloween party you can have in all that space. Once you find the perfect farm, below are some tips on how you make the Halloween party fund and safe for everyone.

Fire Safety

If you are planning to have a bonfire to use for things like cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows for s'mores, you need to plan for fire safety. People, especially kids, could get too close to the fire. The wind may blow the fire and spread the flames on your farm. Anything could happen, so you need to have a disposable fire extinguisher on hand just in case something like this happens.

There are different types of disposable fire extinguishers, two of which that will work well for this type of fire include:

  • Water fire extinguisher: This is the most well-known fire extinguisher and it generally does not cost a lot of money.
  • Form fire extinguisher: This type of fire extinguisher is more expensive, but the benefit of foam is if it is accidentally sprayed onto a live electronic device, it will not cause problems like water would.

You can find these fire extinguishers in different sizes. Choose one that is large but make sure you are able to carry it without a problem. Have more than one disposable fire extinguisher on hand. Both of these fire extinguishers are made to put out common Class A fires made of wood, plastic, and paper.

For more information, contact local professionals like Universal Fire Equipment.


There are many types of Halloween games, and you have many more options because you are on a farm. If you have a corn field, section part of it off and use it as a corn maze. If there are very small kids there, section off a much smaller, separate area for them so they can also enjoy the fun. You can hire a company to create the maze for you or you can do this yourself to save money. If you have a large cornfield, you could even turn this into a business during this holiday.

If you have a tractor, you can use it to take the kids on hay rides on your farm. Simply attach a hay wagon to the tractor and put a lot of hay bales on it. Plan the path you will take ahead of time, and make sure the tractor you are using is in good shape. Use only dry hay bales, as even hay bales that are damp can be slippery.

Talk with your real estate agent and tell them you plan to have Halloween parties every year. They can help you choose a farm that will work best for this.