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Five Qualities Or Traits That Exist In The Best Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents are a breed apart. They are similar to car sales people, but they have to sell bigger, more expensive items. Whether you need a real estate agent or you are just thinking about becoming one, here the five qualities or traits that exist in the best real estate agents.


When your paycheck depends almost entirely on commission and the sales you make, you best have a lot of tenacity. The minute you give up, you have already failed in this line of work. You can also tell when a real estate agent lacks tenacity; he or she does not pursue you to the ends of the earth to make a sale and find you the house of your dreams.


If you have ever noticed, real estate agents seem to have boundless energy. They are what a cup of espresso aspires to be. The agents need that energy too, since most of them put in ten- or twelve-hour days until they are senior agents with the agency. The high energy is also helpful for getting buyers excited about a house and encouraging them to buy it. A real estate agent with low energy is not going to be the "cheerleader" buyers need to get motivated about buying a house.


The best real estate agents have more enthusiasm than a high school pep rally. It can be both annoying and infectious, depending on the personalities of the buyers. This is where boundless energy really makes a difference, because the energy levels of the agent feeds directly into the amount of enthusiasm the agent exudes. It also helps to really love the real estate business, since enthusiasm comes from doing what you love.

Bargaining Skills

Since home buyers often want to bargain, barter and trade on the sale of a home, real estate agents have to have some very good bargaining skills. When home buyers will pay full price for a house, but they want the entire HVAC system replaced, the agent has to be able to get the sellers to agree to that, or make a reasonable counter-offer the buyers may accept. It is the little bit of wheeling and dealing that makes this job so similar to car sales.

Tight Organization Skills

Real estate agents can not afford to be messy or forgetful. Timing and organization are valuable to the sale of a house. A real estate agent that forgets appointments or cannot find the documents needed to sell a property probably should not be a real estate agent. If you are going into this field for work, these are good things to keep in mind. If you are looking for a real estate agent from which to buy a house or to sell your home, these qualities and traits are what you need to look for in a good agent.