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Where to Buy a House in New York City If You Want to Live Close to a Park

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New York City is a congested place, but it is home to many beautiful parks. Many people are familiar with Central Park, but odds are unless you're very rich, you won't be able to afford a huge place on Central Park South or Central Park West. You might be able to find a small apartment on the Upper West Side, several blocks from the park, but it will be small when compared to some of the options you have in the other boroughs. So, if you want a house, and not an apartment, your best bet is to look at The Bronx or Staten Island. Here are three locations to consider.


Riverdale, located in The Bronx, is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in New York City, but there are still affordable homes in the area. While the neighborhood is still home to mansions and huge estates, there are many modest single-family homes. The area is also very green. If you live west of the Henry Hudson Parkway, you will find Riverdale Park, as well as Wave Hill. Riverdale Park is a NYC park, while Wave Hill is a public garden that has an unbelievable view of the Hudson River. Wave Hill also has gorgeous flower gardens and lawns. Riverdale is also right next to Van Cortland Park. Like Riverdale Park, Van Cortland is a NYC public park. It is very large and has hiking trails, horseback riding trails, a huge swimming pool, a golf course, two large jogging tracks, and a sports stadium that is open to the public.


This neighborhood is located in the eastern section of The Bronx. It's south of Pelham Bay Park, which is the biggest park in the city (even bigger than Central Park or The Bronx's very own Van Cortland). Pelham Bay Park has wetlands, hiking trails, jogging trails, picnic spots, canoeing and kayaking launches, playgrounds, and countless other amenities.

Schuylerville is a neighborhood that is made up mostly of single-family homes, so you will get a nice neighborhood feel. There is very little commerce or large buildings. This area provides a great escape from the dense congestion of Manhattan while still being in the city.

New Dorp

New Dorp is located in Staten Island. Staten Island is the least densely populated borough. New Dorp is located close to quite a few parks and green spaces. Of course there is New Dorp park, which is a local park, but it's also nearby the incredibly large LaTourette park, a beautiful park with wetlands, hiking trails, and golf courses. Another nearby park is Great Kills park. This is located right on the water, and you can bike or walk up to Midland Beach, where you can hang out on the boardwalk or swim in the water.

If you are interested in any of these locations, talk to a realtor so you can start looking at properties.