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5 Features To Look For In A Home As A Couple Who Expects To Grow Their Family

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It is not at all uncommon for couples to invest in a home early in their marriage well before their family unit is done growing. Too many times, young couples who have not yet had all the children they plan to invest in a home only to find out later that it is too small or does not fit their needs any longer because their family size has changed. If you are planning to buy a home now and you are pretty positive the size of your family will change in the coming years, there are a few things you should be looking for in a home. 

Look for a house that has a flexible number of bedrooms. 

Most home listings in real estate will have a specific number of bedrooms listed and this is often times what buyers use to narrow down their choices. It may not be ideal to go after a home that has numerous bedrooms just because you expect your family size will change eventually. What is a good idea, however, is to look for homes that offer versatile rooms that can be used as either a bedroom or something else. For example, if you find a home that is listed as only a two bedroom, but also offers a large office, spare room, and finished basement, these rooms could easily be used as bedrooms in the future if need be. 

Look for a house which boasts enough outdoor space. 

When you have children, the exterior space at a new home is just as important as the inside for a lot of people. While the two of you may not be looking for yard space now, if you have children in the future, having room for little ones to roam outdoors will be an incredible convenience. This will be their space to enjoy the outdoors and not having it can be enough to make you wish you had invested in a different property. 

Look for a house that has an ample amount of bathrooms. 

A quaint house with only one bathroom may perfectly serve just two people and the occasional guest. However, if you bring children onto the picture, along with them will come the need for more bathroom space. It is always best to find a home with at least two bathrooms if you plan to have children, and even more than two if you intend to have a few children. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking at homes for sale.