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3 Tips to Save on Apartment Living

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For many people, rent is one of the largest expenses they have each month. Since keeping a roof over your head is likely a top priority, it is important for you to explore ways to save money on your rental and living expenses. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do this. 

Negotiate with the Landlord

Some tenants do not realize that rent is sometimes negotiable. Some landlords are willing to lower the monthly rent or negotiate what utilities or amenities are paid. You just have to negotiate with the landlord before your sign the rental agreement. 

For instance, you could offer to sign a longer lease in exchange for a lower rent. Your landlord will have the assurance of knowing that his or her unit is filled for a longer time, and you will get to save on your monthly rent. If he or she is unwilling to lower the rent, ask the landlord to chip in on some or all of your utilities. 

Ask for a Referral Discount

Whenever a unit is empty, your landlord is not making a profit on it. Finding a new tenant can take time and effort. You can offer to help your landlord with this problem and also save yourself some money. 

Ask the landlord if you can receive a monthly discount on your rent for each referral that you make. If the landlord is unwilling to discount your rent for the entire term of your rental agreement, ask him or her whether you can at least get a one-time credit. 

Opt for Green Living

Once you get into your apartment, your utility expenses can eat into your budget. While you could choose to live in darkness in your apartment to save money, you could also switch to a more environmentally friendly way of living. 

For instance, you can upgrade your thermostat to a programmable model. Talk to your landlord before buying and installing the new thermostat. He or she might be willing to take care of it for you. You can also install weather stripping on the doors and windows to help seal your apartment. 

Other acts, such as turning off lights when they are not in use and swapping out your light bulbs for CFLs or LEDs, can help with costs as well. Focus on making one change a week until your apartment is eco-friendly. 

There are many other ways to save on your rental expenses. Consult with an apartment rental service such as Management Services to learn what methods have worked for other renters.