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How To Support Your Realtor's Marketing Of Your Home

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Your realtor will work hard to help plan and orchestrate a professional marketing campaign for your home. An effective marketing campaign can mean the difference between your house lingering on the market for a long time, which would cost you significantly on the ultimate selling price, or being able to sell your home to a buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for it. In order to make the most of the marketing campaign, you need to get behind it as the seller and offer your full support in the following ways.

Prepare Your Home Properly for Photographs

Professional photographs are typically a part of an effective real estate marketing campaign. They will be displayed on listings, websites, and social media posts. If these photographs don't show off the best of your home, it will be hard to attract buyers to come see it. Pictures can't really capture what isn't there, so be sure to prepare your home carefully before a photographer arrives. That includes tending to both the interior and exterior of your home. Bleach white surfaces and clear clutter. For a professional photograph, the home needs to be a perfected version of how you use it everyday. 

Share Your Realtor's Posts on Social Media

When your real estate agent posts about your home, be sure to share those posts on social media pages. Don't just tweet about it. Make sure that you post it to all your social media platforms. Cross-posting is okay. Your social media network probably includes a lot of local people that you don't know very well. You never know who may be in the market or who knows someone who wants to move to the area.

Be Positive

Don't use social media as the place to gripe about what you hate about your neighborhood or rant for paragraphs about what is causing you to move in the first place. Although you may think a post is filtered to only be seen by a few, that doesn't always work. If you wouldn't say something to a potential buyer at an open house, don't post it online. When in doubt, keep it offline. Try to write honest things about your home that are positive and helpful to potential buyers.

Finally, keep in mind that all marketing campaigns can be enhanced when you support your realtor and help spread the word as well. If in doubt, ask your realtor for advice on marketing. Communication is key, so be sure to let your realtor know that you are ready and willing to get on board and help in the marketing of your home. Before you know it, you could be handing over the keys and walking around with a big, fat check. For more information, contact a realtor, like one at Cudd Realty.