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Twice The Changes: Buying A Home For You And Your Teens After Divorce

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If you are going through a divorce and you are looking at a new home for you and your teens, you need to think about three changes instead of two. Divorce can be difficult and so can moving into a home on your own after being married for some time. Along with the divorce, your teens may also be moving out of the house to attend college or live on their own soon. Here are some questions to answer before buying a home after divorce with teens. 

Can your teens share?

If your teenagers can share a room, this will cut down on the square footage that you will need to look for in a home. Having fewer rooms can make the home more retirement and empty nest friendly, especially if you can find a home that is a single story. If your teens would prefer their own spaces, ask your real estate agent to find you homes for sale with small rooms. This will cut down on large, empty spaces once the children leave. These can be converted to storage space or hobby rooms once your children are gone for good. 

Is remaining in the same district important?

If your children are nearing graduation, they may want to remain in the same school district along with all of their friends. However, if your children had a hard time at their old school or wish to have a fresh start after a difficult divorce, all of you may want to look at new schools together. Have a sit-down talk with your teens about what they want as far as their schooling. Figure out the neighborhood perimeter for the schools that they wish to attend, and keep your home search within these sections. Find a good family street within these neighborhoods. 

Will your teens come back?

Along with having a plan for the rest of high school, a lot of college students are moving back home after they finish their studies. Some are electing to remain at home while studying as well in order to save money. If your teenagers plan to come back home to live with either you or their other parent after finishing school, you may want to select a home with plenty of rooms and recreational space for everyone. This will allow each person the space necessary for hobbies, rest, and family time without feeling crowded. Look for homes with good-sized basements or outside space to make sure that there is easy-access space for everyone.