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The Benefits Of Offering A Property Management Mobile App

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Keeping up with current trends is vital for residential property managers, and one way to do this is through incorporating mobile activities into your software program. Approximately 64% of U.S. adults now have smartphones, and a lot of people that have them use them for almost everything that involves the Internet. As a property manager, you can take advantage of this by creating a mobile app for your tenants to use. Here are three ways you and your tenants could use this app.

To Make Payments

The first benefit of offering a smartphone app is the ability it gives your tenants to pay their rent payments from any location. If a tenant is at work or on vacation and forgets to make his or her rent payment, the tenant could easily do it through the mobile app.

This could help you collect rent payments effortlessly, which may help improve the cash flow of your business.

To Request Services

Your mobile app could also be set up for other purposes other than just accepting payments. For example, you could set it up to allow tenants to request maintenance and services that they need. If a tenant has a leaky faucet, the tenant could go on the app and put in a request. You would instantly receive the notification through your property management software, and you could then quickly schedule a plumber to come and fix the problem.

You could also have links on your mobile app to applications for potential tenants, and you could have any other necessary forms available on the app too. This could make it easy for people to apply for available units, because they could do it from their phones.

To Send Notifications

Another huge benefit of having a mobile app is the ability you will have to send notifications. You could send notifications through the app to all your current tenants, or you could send individual notifications. This could be useful to inform your tenants that their rent is late, or you could use it to notify every one of upcoming maintenance activities that will be taking place.

Your tenants could also use the app to send notes or messages to you about concerns, issues, or information they would like you to know.

Mobile technology is becoming the way people handle things today, and offering a mobile app could improve the way your company operates. If you would like to learn more about this, talk to a company that offers residential property management software.