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4 Advantages Of Residential Smart Door Locks

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Many people not only want more secure residential locks, but they wish those locks were more convenient. Fumbling to get a key into a keyhole when it's dark outside, for instance, is an irritating event. You might be interested in a device known as the smart lock. As could be expected, smart locks are paired up with smartphones so people can lock and unlock their homes without keys. 

Advantages of Smart Locks

Enjoying Convenience

With smart locks, you never have to search for your house keys again. You don't have to find the keys in the building before you leave, and you don't have to find them in a purse, backpack or briefcase when you get home. 

You lock your doors directly with your phone. The way you unlock them depends on the system you've had installed. Some devices recognize your phone when you get in close proximity with the lock. With others, you essentially have to show your phone to the lock hardware. 

Managing Forgetfulness

If you're a bit scatter-brained sometimes and can't remember whether you've locked up the house, you can do it from practically anywhere if you have smart locks. Simply use your phone to instruct the device to lock itself. 

Letting People In When You're Not Home

With this device, you can let in a service technician you trust when you're not there. Otherwise, you'd have to leave the door unlocked all day or be home when the person arrives. The tech can give you a call when he or she finishes the project and leaves, after which you can lock the door remotely.

But what about the old-fashioned tradition of giving a friend a key to your place? These smart systems come with key fobs and more than one administrator account. That way, your friend can still get into your place to feed your cat or just check on things when you're on vacation. 

Having a More Streamlined Home Design

Although it's not a security issue, a more streamlined look is available when there aren't clunky locks to deal with. For instance, you can have a slim door lever instead of a big knob because you don't need a keyhole in the knob. 

Concluding Thoughts

If this idea sounds appealing, call a locksmith, like Irvine Lock & Key, to learn which ones are qualified to install smart locks. The locks are available from various manufacturers, so you might want to ask about the specific device you'd be getting. That way, you can look up further information on the product if you're interested.