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Four Features That Might Not Actually Be Worth It In A Home For Sale

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When house hunting, there will always be aspects that can really shine, setting one home apart from the rest. Make sure that you have matched up reality with the fantasy of some of these features. Sometimes additions to a home can secretly cause problems once you are an owner living your day-to-day life with upkeep and bills to pay. Here are four home features that might turn into more trouble than they are worth in a prospective home.

1. Backyard Pool

Pools can be a great addition to your home if you will actively use this. If you have kids or currently swim this can be great. If you just like the idea of a pool and think it might be nice to have, this might be more of an investment than you need to take on. There is always a chance of cracks over time which will need costly repairs. There is no reason to pay for all of the maintenance and updates for a pool you never use.

2. A Decked Out Master Bath

If the master bathroom has pulled out all of the stops, it might remind you of a fancy hotel that you can luxuriate in. The thing is, huge tubs and rainfall shower fixtures can make your water bill add up fast. A bathroom featuring heated floors and towel racks will cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

3. Separate Bar

If there is a basement or patio bar that comes along with a home, you might get swept up in the fantasy of having friends over and being the central hangout. If you are buying a home to start a family, this dream might be short-lived. Don't get stuck having to maintain a separate sink and fridge in a bar area that you'll never actually use.

4. Home Gym

If a rec room or basement has been transitioned into a home gym, really think about if this is something that you want. If you don't really work out now, this might just collect dust until you come to the realization you should remodel. It might be hard to remove the wall-to-wall mirrors, reinforced ceiling and wall hooks or floor pads that were specifically designed for a home gym.

Don't let yourself get sold on something that isn't on your must-have list. You might not enjoy splurging on something new you haven't needed up until this point unless you have been seeking this out. Looking at homes might get your imagination running, but try to remember your current and future lifestyles. Talk to a professional real estate agent, like those at Realty Executives, for help finding a home with the right amenities to suit your needs.