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4 Non-Traditional Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

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Even with a top agent, selling your home is not an easy task. The process is stressful, time-consuming, and can be drawn-out. In fact, before you even list your home for sale, you need to purge the clutter, neutralize your paint and wallpaper, and create curb appeal to draw people in. Once you list with a Realtor, you have to keep everything in tip top shape for showing after showing.

It takes hard work and time. If you need to sell fast and don't have time to spare, you may need to take a non-traditional approach to selling your home:

1. Auction: The idea with a real estate auction is not to give the house away, but rather to start the price low in order to feed the excitement and sell for more. An auction can be scheduled fairly quickly and helps you avoid the hassle of nightly showings.

2. Cash Buyer: If you need to sell fast more than you need to squeeze every last penny of profit out of your home, a cash buyer may be the right non-traditional approach for you. These investors have cash at the ready for a quick close. They may be interested in remodeling your home and selling it later for a profit, or they may want to add to their portfolio of rentals. In either case, they are ready to act. Now. 

3. Owner Financing: Depending on where you live, this may be called "seller financing", "land contract", or "contract for deed." Basically, it means that you are agreeing to act as the bank for a buyer with less than perfect credit. Considering the recession the past several years, there are many people that may have faced tough times and are now back on their feet. If you can afford your next house without selling your current one, this is a great way to sell fast.

4. Cash for Keys: Trying to sell your home via short sale takes a long time. Banks drag their feet -- whether it's red tape or intentionally -- and buyers often end up walking away. It can be frustrating. There is a program called "cash for keys" or "deed in lieu" that many banks offer to prevent foreclosures, which hurt both the seller and the bank.

In fact, many banks will negotiate a cash payment in exchange for walking away from the house. This is often a win-win because the homeowner gets some cash to start over and the bank can start the process of selling the home that much sooner, without any court fees. 

Selling your home is stressful. If you have a sell home quickly emergency, think outside of the box on how to get the job done.