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4 Ways To Guarantee That You'll Get Your Security Back From Your Rental

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When you rent a house or apartment to live in, there is a very good chance that you must pay a security deposit when you rent it. This deposit is paid in addition to the first rental payment, but this deposit is something that you can get back when you move out. Here are four things that you can do to make sure that you get this back when you move out.

Make sure you have a receipt

The lease that you sign should state that you paid a deposit when moving in, but it's also important to ask for a receipt. Both of these things can serve as proof that you paid this deposit, and this can be necessary if the landlord tries to state that you did not pay one when you moved in.

Don't break the lease

You should also make sure that you fully understand what your obligations and responsibilities are according to the lease. Keep the lease handy at all times and always follow what it says. If you fail to follow it, you could forfeit your security deposit. One of the main things to follow is the length of time stated in the lease. If it is a one-year lease, you may forfeit your deposit by moving out early.

Fill a move-in report

A move-in report is something you should fill out when you rent the apartment, and you should do this with the landlord present. This document will allow you to write down the condition of the unit when you rented it, and you should clearly write down any problems you see, such as:

  • Holes in the walls
  • Stains in the carpet
  • Cracks in the windows
  • Missing trim or woodwork

When you move out, this document will serve as proof of the problems that the unit had when you initially rented it. The landlord will not be able to keep your deposit for issues that were preexisting at the time that you moved in.

Clean your unit after moving out

Finally, make sure that you clean your unit and remove all trash and belongings from it when you move out. As you do this, compare the unit to your move-in report and make sure that you fix any damage that you may have caused.

With these four tips, you can be certain that you will receive your security deposit back when you move out. If you are interested in finding a property rental, contact a real estate company in your area. One company that provides this service is ABA Rental Properties Inc.