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Photo Tips for Your Real Estate Listing

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Your real estate listing will probably be seen on multiple websites and if your photos don't do your home justice, your house may not get the second look it deserves. Whether you are taking your own photos, or if your agent is taking your photos, you need to be sure your pictures make a great first impression in order to help sell your home faster. See below for some helpful photo tips for your real estate listing.

Exterior Photos

Exterior photos should be taken at an angle to help show the entire yard and shows the depth of the yard, patio, and home. Take your photos from the house side, rather than the garage side to show more grass. It's a more flattering photo than taking the picture straight on from directly in front of the house. You should also use the light to your advantage. Take your exterior photos when the sun is at your back. This will give you a brighter photo, without any glares. The best time to take your exterior photos is in the spring, when trees, shrubs, and flowers are in bloom. Your grass is usually greener during this season as well.

Bathroom/Smaller Room Photos

To help show your bathroom or a small room, you should use a wide angle lens. This way you see the room in it's entirety. Stand in the doorway and take your photo with your wide angle lens. Open the curtain to your shower to help open up the room.

Other Tips

  • Take room photos while standing in the doorway or entrance to get the best view of each room.
  • Be sure your home is staged and all clutter is put away and out of sight. If a potential buyer sees clutter and other junk in photos, it may be a turn off.
  • Use plenty of light. A well-lit room will help make the room look larger. Open up curtains and main entrance doors to get plenty of natural light. You can also use a flash to help give you more light.
  • Use a tripod when taking your photos to ensure your pictures aren't crooked or blurry from moving.
  • Crop your photos where necessary and use photo editing software to give your pictures a more flattering look. Be sure not to over edit your photos, you want to enhance your photos, not give a false perception.

Your real estate listing photos are going to give a potential buyer their first impression of your home, be sure it's the best first impression possible with great photos.