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How The Best Real Estate Agents Are Awarded

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Real estate agents work on commission. When an agent sells a house, he or she receives an average of six percent commission on the total sale price. For newer, less experienced and un-vetted agents, this percentage is less. For really good agents with a lot of proven sales and experience, it could be slightly more than six percent because they have bargaining power with the agency and know they can make the agency money. In addition to their commissions, agents are awarded monthly, quarterly and/or annually. The awards and bonuses reveal the best real estate agents in the business.

Awards That Recognize the Highest Grossing Sales

Teams of two or more agents working in tandem to sell a property may both receive a reward if they gross the most money and sales for the company. The company/ agency usually presents these awards with little fanfare monthly, but quarterly and annual awards and bonuses often involve more pomp and circumstance. The annual awards may even encompass several other real estate agencies in a grand banquet and awards ceremony.

Awards That Recognize Years of Dedicated Service

Even if a real estate agent has not had the best sales in recent years, he or she can still be rewarded for years of loyal service. This award gives a nod to agents who have made it their lifelong pursuit to help consumers find and purchase the right homes for them. Most of these awards are given either annually or for every five years of service.

Local and National Recognition Awards for Best Real Estate Agencies

You know that you are working with an excellent real estate agent when you work with someone from an agency that was recognized repeatedly for excellence. To meet the criteria for this type of award, real estate agencies must have a high percentage of the best real estate agents working for them. Their customer service, sales and agents all must be recognized and awarded for excellence before the company receives a local or national award.

Why These Awards Should Matter to You, the Consumer

Obviously, if you want to buy or sell a home, you want to work with the best. You want to know that you will get the best price for your home when you sell it, as well as the best possible price on a home when you buy one. When you see that your agent has won award after award after award, and works for an agency that has just as many awards as your agent, you have exactly what you are looking for.