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What To Do In Case You're Locked Out Of Your House

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Locking yourself out of your house is frustrating and time-consuming, and can end up costing you big bucks. Having a locksmith come let you into your home is a costly service. Paying attention to what you're doing can cut down on the risk that you'll lock the door, leaving your keys inside the house, but it's still bound to happen from time to time. Planning ahead will help you get the help you need as quickly as possible, which is particularly important if you're locked out in the dark.

Make Copies of Your Keys

Plan ahead by making one or two copies of your house key. Give one of the keys to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member. In the event that you get locked out, you can call this person to come let you in. A second spare key hidden somewhere outside your home can also save the day. Don't, however, stash the key under your welcome mat or other obvious location. Criminals can be smart and the first place they'll look for a spare key is under the mat on your front porch. One of the best places to stash your spare key is in your car. Chances are you won't be locked out of your car and your home at the same time, so retrieving the key from your car will let you back into your home quickly.

Look for a Way in the House

If you left a window open, you can remove the screen and wiggle your way into the house. A doggy door is another way into your house if you're locked out. If you have a child with you, little ones can squeeze through a doggy door easier than a grownup. Make sure your child is old enough to understand how to unlock the door from the inside before sending a child in, however, or you'll have even bigger problems on your hands.

Call A Locksmith

As a last resort, call a locksmith to come let you into your home. Plan ahead for this by choosing a reputable locksmith (such as Broadway Locksmith Inc) and entering the phone number into your cell phone or stick the business card in your purse. This way you can quickly get in touch with a locksmith as soon as you realize there isn't another way in. Prevent ever having to call a locksmith in the future by making a couple of spare keys and entrusting them with your responsible loved ones.