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Preparing For Baby: What You Should Do Now

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As your belly gets bigger and bigger, you may be stressing over the baby's room. In preparation for your new little one, you want to make sure their living space is going to be fit for the little King or Queen. Here are things you should do now, in advance of their arrival, so you can have a healthy and happy room for them to dwell in.

Carpet cleaning

Even if you never step foot in this room of your home, you still want to have the carpets professionally cleaned well before the baby arrives. This gives the chemicals used in cleaning time to disappear, leaving you with fresh air for your tiny little one. Many cleaning services offer organic and environmentally friendly techniques that are safer for pets and young children, so if you can have them cleaned in this manner, do so. Avoid walking on these clean carpets with shoes and dirty socks so they can stay fresh and ready for your new bundle of joy.

Wall painting

If you plan on painting your walls or putting up wallpaper to make the room unique for your child, try to do so at least a month in advance. This gives the paint several weeks to dry fully and reduce the amount of odors in the air. Add a fan for ventilation, and keep the windows open to help whisk out any painting aromas that are left over. If you are crunched for time but still want to decorate your walls with come color, consider large vinyl murals instead. These decals stick to your wall with a bit of water, and come in many cute designs and styles to make your current walls look amazing.

The crib

In all honesty, your baby doesn't need a crib just yet, but they do need a place to live. If you are in the hustle and bustle of trying to get the room ready and that blasted crib is still taken apart, don't stress about it just now. Prepare a bassinet for now, since your baby won't need a crib for at least a few months. You can buy a used bassinet at your local thrift store, or you can ask around and see if anyone has a model they can spare. A bassinet with wheels is ideal so you can have a mobile place for your little one to crash with you in the living room, kitchen, or in their own room. The crib can wait- for now. Don't sweat it, and focus more on staying healthy so you can have a safe baby arrival.

Preparing your baby's room takes a little bit of advance planning. There are a few things you should do now, and the crib? Well, it can wait until the baby outgrows the bassinet so you can rest a little bit until the big day.