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Common Layout Features In Cape Cod Homes

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It's hard to resist the appeal of a cute, Cape Cod Home. Their sharply slanted roofs, paired shutters, and dormers make them look like dollhouses from the outside. If you've ever wondered if a simple, compact Cape Cod Home might be right for your family, it's important to look past the attractive exterior and think about the interior layout of the home. Here's a look at common layout features of Cape Cod homes, and how they may impact your lifestyle.

The downstairs…

Most original Cape Cod homes, built predominantly in the northeastern United States in the 1950s, feature one downstairs master bedroom. This is not quite the master bedroom you're used to seeing in modern builds. It more than likely does not have an attached bath. However, it does tend to be quite spacious compared to the upstairs bedrooms in the home.

The remainder of the downstairs space is generally occupied by a kitchen and a living room. Kitchens in Cape Cods are typically small, but include eat-in space, since there is not usually a separate dining room. This is perfect for busy young couples who are always on the run, or for small families who don't need much space. Living rooms are typically moderately sized, and should have room for a sofa, television and a couple of recliners.

The downstairs of a Cape Cod is a square or rectangle with a central stairway. Generally, the bedroom and kitchen are found at either side of the stairway, while the living room stretches from left to right, occupying the remaining space.

A bathroom is typically located off the kitchen or living room. Generally, Cape Cod bathrooms are small and compact. There is usually only one bathroom in these homes, which could be a struggle if you have more than two people sharing a home. If you find a renovated Cape Cod, however, there is a good chance a second bathroom has been added on the second floor, or perhaps even in the basement.

The upstairs…

The upstairs of a Cape Cod home typically consists of two bedrooms, one on either side of the stairway. The ceilings of these bedrooms are slanted, thanks to their location in what would be the attic space of the house. For this reason, some people refer to Cape Cods as 1 ½ story homes.

The bedrooms in the upstairs of a Cape Cod are generally quite small. Most homeowners put their children in these rooms and use the master bedroom themselves. Closet space is also minimal, as the closets are often placed on the inside walls in the space over the stairway.

If you look at Cape Cods in your area, chances are good that the layout will closely resemble that described above. Do take your time to look at a few homes before you decide whether or not this style is right for you. Subtle variations, such as a new bathroom added to the second floor or the conversion of one bedroom into a walk-in closet may mean the difference between the style being not-suite-right and perfect for your needs.  Talk to your local realtor, such as Greenways Real Estate & Auction, for more information.