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The Three Most Important Moving Supplies You Can Get

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When you are moving it's hard to know what the most helpful things are. Most people think they can get by with a few strong backs and some blankets for packing. While that does work, it makes your job much more challenging than it needs to be. Here are the 3 most helpful things you can rent or buy when you are moving to a new home.

A furniture dolly

A furniture dolly is absolutely essential as you move to a new home. While you may be getting new appliances and having them delivered, a furniture dolly can be a big help in any situation. A furniture dolly has two main differences with a standard hand truck. The first difference is that it is built to handle a lot more weight. As a result, you can use it for anything that is heavy. If you've got large boxes of books or a hide-a-bed, it can be invaluable.

The second difference is that it has a strap to help hold awkwardly sized furniture and appliances. Because of this, one person can maneuver your furniture where it needs to go. This makes getting in and out of doorways much easier than having people on every corner of something and trying to move it around.

Moving pads

Most people think that blankets will suffice when they are packing things into their moving vans, but moving pads offer some significant benefits that blankets don't. 

  • Moving pads are far thicker and more durable than blankets. One of the biggest problems when you're using a blanket is if something shifts and falls onto the blanket and rips through it. As a result, you've got a good-sized gash in your dresser, a hole in your blanket, and a dented corner on your microwave. A moving pad would cushion both items from the impact and is durable enough that it wouldn't rip through.
  • Moving pads are disposable. When you're covering up your grill or range, the last thing you want to do is put a white duvet over the top of it. If you do, you'll end up with a permanently stained duvet. If a moving pad gets soiled, you can use it for other dirty applications - perhaps to catch any leaks under your car or to protect things in your garage - or throw it away without concern.

Tri-walled cardboard boxes

When you see cardboard boxes, its easy to assume that all boxes are created equally. Most boxes rely on a dual-wall construction. While this is fine for light items like clothing and bedding, a tri-walled box is essential for heavy items like dishes, books, and silverware. It is remarkably sturdy and will hold enough weight that you don't have to worry if it will spill its contents all over your driveway.

As you get these items, you'll find that your move will go much smoother than it otherwise would have. Keep this tips in mind as you begin looking for packing and moving supplies from a company like Route 37 Self-Storage.