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Traveling Extensively For Business? Here's How To Cut Costs On Accommodations

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If you have to travel for business and have to stay in other cities for extended lengths of time, you have probably noticed that the cost of accommodations can really add up. If you're looking to save your company money, you should know that there are a few different options that can allow you to cut costs. Try one of these tips, and you can stay for business without having to pay for a pricey hotel each night.

Consider a Short-Term Apartment Rental

If you are going to be staying in the same area for a few months, consider looking into short term rentals. They're not as expensive or permanent as you might think; you can look into a short-term furnished apartment that already comes stocked with furniture and appliances. Along with being quite a bit cheaper than paying a nightly fee for a hotel, this option can also allow you to be a lot more comfortable. Plus, if you have other business associates traveling with you, you can split an apartment for even more savings. You'll also probably have a full-size kitchen, which will allow you to eat at the apartment rather than going out for expensive meals the entire trip. This is also a good way to feel a little less home sick while you're out on the road.

Look for Extended Stay Hotels

Most hotels are designed with the idea of spending a weekend or a week in another city. They typically aren't designed for longer stays, and both the pricing and the set-up of the room can reflect that. Instead of checking into the hotels that you normally choose when you travel, consider looking into extended stay hotels. They typically offer suites with less frills but more comfortable living space, and the rates can often be negotiated by the week or month rather than just by the night.

Traveling for business can get really expensive, especially when you have to pay for accommodations on top of other traveling expenses, such as airfare and dining. Whether you are a business owner yourself or are simply looking for ways to save your company money, these options can be good ones. Consider looking for short-term apartment rentals and extended stay hotels next time that you're out of town for business-related purposes, and you could be surprised by just how much you can save during the duration of your business trip.