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5 Items The Tenant Should Include On The Rental Contract

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If you rent property from another person, it's important to make certain the rental agreement is completed. There are certain things you should be sure to include in the contract to protect you. The rentals contract is legally binding and should be upheld by your and the landlord. By knowing certain items to include in this contract, you may be able to avoid conflicts.

Item #1: Information regarding payment

It's important that the rental contract lists the amount of money you must pay monthly for rent.

Listed below are other specifics regarding rent that should be included:

1. The date the rent is due each month
2. Any late fees that may be applicable if the payment is late and how much these may be
3. The acceptable forms of rental payment, such as checks, money orders or other

All of the details regarding your rental payments should be clearly listed in the agreement.

Item #2: Notice of entry

The landlord is required to provide you notice before visiting the rental property. Most states legally require this action to be taken, and you should be alerted at least 24 hours before the landlord pays a visit to the property.

Item #3: Allowance of pets

Do you have a pet in your life that you simply can't leave behind when you move? If so, you will want to be sure the landlord will allow pets in the rental unit. Be sure to have this clearly stated on your rental contract to avoid any confusion from occurring at a later date.

Item #4: Term of Lease

It's important to put the amount of time you intend to rent a property. This will allow you to have the legal rights to stay put. If the landlord breaches the contract of the lease, then you may be able to file a legal action against this individual.

Item #5: Repairs and Maintenance

You should consider listing when repairs must be made by the landlord. This will allow you to get things fixed as needed and will help to avoid any delays.

Consider setting a specific amount of time such as a week or ten days to ensure the landlord makes the necessary repairs.

Finally, renting property from another person should be approached with care. By listing all of the items above in the rental contract, this may allow you to have a more pleasant rental experience. Consider working with a real estate agent to help you with the contract.