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Self Storage Options And Security Features To Look For

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Self-storage units can be found in many areas, but not all storage facilities offer the same security and protection. If you're considering storing a classic car, boat or other type of large asset, and you worry about safety while it sits, you want to check out the storage facility in advance.

There are many security precautions the facility may take to make sure that your belongings are safe, and you want to look around until you find the safest location. Here are a few different things to look for in your search.

Gated or Blocked Entry

Do you have to pass through a gate that requires a key, badge, or passcode when you enter the property? These options would make it more difficult for anyone who doesn't have a lease with the facility to get in. Is the office by the entry, or is there a night worker that watches the property? These are also beneficial options that are worth paying extra for.

Reliable Locking Devices

What locks are on the doors to the units, if any? A facility that requires you bring your own pad lock for the unit isn't worried about the safety of your items. A padlock can be broke with bolt cutters, and then anyone can access your valuables. Instead, you want a facility that has locks built into the doors. Cylinder locks are great, or a keypad or door lock that has a combination built into the door can also be effective.

Security Surveillance

Cameras are a great security option. They warn potential thieves and intruders that they will be caught on camera if they try to break into a unit, and they also help you feel safe that someone is watching over your items. Ask how many cameras they have, how long they run, and if they reach all of the units on the grounds.

Ask the storage facility how many break-ins they've had recently, and how often they update their security. Any time you rent a storage unit (from outlets such as Benson St Storage), make sure you have the proper rental insurance that is needed to protect the asset or items you put into the unit. You may be able to add this to your home or renter's insurance policy, or the storage facility may have their own insurance plans you can purchase with the lease of your unit. Ask the important questions to determine if any storage facility is safe.