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Why You Should Consider Self Storage For Sensitive Business Documents

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Running a business can be difficult. This is especially true, since there are certain documents that you must keep for a certain period of time. This includes tax returns, tax-related documents and insurance claims. Unfortunately, saving these documents can reduce necessary working space and productivity within the office. Therefore, here are three reasons why you might want to consider moving those documents to a local self storage facility:

1. Free Up Some Much-Needed Space in the Office

Regardless of how large your building is, you never have enough room. This can be especially true when you bring in a new employee or need to bring in brand new equipment. Therefore, it may be the perfect time to move those business documents to a self storage facility.

By getting the boxes out of your office, you are increasing the safety of your employees by not having boxes to maneuver around.

2. Safely Store Sensitive Documents

Most businesses carry a variety of documents that contain sensitive customer data. This may include photographs, medical records, social security numbers and credit card numbers. It is important that these items are not at the fingertips of everyone in the office. If they are stored in self storage, you can ensure that only certain employees have access to the unit and therefore the documents. This protects your customers, which is crucial in the success of your business.

3. Keep Important Documents Organized

With so many documents, you need a way to keep them in order. You need to know what is where. You should put a number and letter on each box that you use for document storing. Use a spreadsheet to list the items that are within box 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, and so on. This makes inventory super easy, and you'll always know exactly which box you need when you need something for a particular customer or client.

Don't Forget to Choose a Climate Controlled Unit

When you store your business files at your business's warehouse or even in one of the back rooms with no air conditioning, you are putting your documents at risk of damage. If they are not stored on top of pallets, they are at risk for moisture and flood damage. Further, the humidity may cause the documents to wrinkle and the ink to lift from the paper and ruin your business's records.

Therefore, before you start storing your important documents, you need to make sure that you choose a climate controlled unit. A climate controlled unit is kept at a consistent temperature so that your records are safe and sound.  

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